Silke Eberhard – alto saxophone, gayageum, taepyeongso
Daniel Casimir – trombone & tuba (right channel on trios)
Gerhard Gschlößl – trombone & tuba (left channel on trios)

digital album:

recorded at the Jugend(widerstands)museum Berlin, july 30th 2022
mixed by Tito Knapp at studio Zentrifuge, Berlin
painting: Torus, details, oil in canvas, 2020
artist: franziska Beilfuß
photos by Cristina Marx/photomusix
produced by Daniel Casimir, Gerhard Gschlößl, Silke Eberhard and Ingo Vaupel
releases December 1, 2022

In the beginning there was a concert in a museum, a former church with more than two seconds of natural reverberation. An evening of improvised music with three solo parts and some trio improvisations. It was a nice midsummer evening and we had a good feeling about the music that we played. We have never been improvising together before as a trio. We did not talk about any kind of concept or convention what so ever. From noise to tonality, everything was possible, no restrictions. It was recorded, just to be able to listen back to it and to try a new recording device.
Right after the concert some people came up to us, asking if there will be a CD coming out, telling us that it was a very special concert that they have enjoyed very much.
Weeks later, finally listening back to the recording, we had a big surprise! Not only did we really like the music, but the recording quality was way better than we expected!
Tito Knapp did a beautiful job to further optimize the sound quality. Cristina Marx, a skilled photographer was present at the concert and nicely captured the mood of the evening. So we decided to bring it out on CD, some kind of legal BOOTLEG, no record label, no subventions. Franziska Beilfuß, who was present at the concert, kindly offered to use one of her beautiful paintings for the cover!
Heartfelt thanks to Tito, Cristina, Franziska, Ingo Vaupel and Marc Weiser ( who both organize the concert series Galiläa Partizipativ )!
So here it is for your enjoyment,
all rights reserved