as a leader: 
Silke Eberhard Trio
w Jan Roder & Kay Lübke
Potsa Lotsa Plus
POTSA LOTSA PLUS plays Love Suite
Potsa Lotsa
POTSA LOTSA – the complete works of Eric Dolphy
DSC_7408 - 2015-07-11 um 11-26-48.jpg
I AM THREE the music of Charles Mingus : Silke Eberhard / as – Nikolaus Neuser / tp – Christian Marien / dr
NEW: I am THREE & Maggie Nicols (vocals) – Charles Mingus the poet
Matsch & Schnee
Duo with Maike Hilbig (Bass)
Silke Eberhard & Ulrich Gumpert : Peanuts & Vanities
Eberhard Oberg 5 by Manuel Miethe
Uwe Oberg & Silke Eberhard “Turns”
also in Trio with Gerry Hemingway



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