Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik

The CD of the Silke Eberhard-Trio with Jan Roder and Kay Lübke has been awarded the German Record Critics Award (Bestenliste 4/2017).
Die CD des Silke Eberhard-Trios mit Jan Roder und Kay Lübke ist mit dem Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik (Bestenliste 4/2017) ausgezeichnet worden.
Jurymitglied Bert Noglki schreibt in der Begründung: “Das Album gleicht einer Einladung in das imaginäre Gasthaus, das sich die Berliner Altsaxophonistin und Bassklarinettistin Silke Eberhard beim Schreiben der Stücke vorstellte – ein Ort, an dem die moderne Jazztradition im Raum schwebt und im gemeinschaftlichen Spiel neu ausgeformt wird. Dabei sind die Fenster weit geöffnet, so dass sich bei allen Reminiszenzen an die Geschichte dieser Musik ein beglückendes Gefühl von Freiheit einstellt. Jan Roder am Kontrabass und Kay Lübke am Schlagzeug weben ein spannendes Beziehungsgeflecht und treten als Gesprächspartner der Bandleaderin wie auch selbst als Solisten hervor, so dass ein vielfältig ausdifferenzierter Trioklang entsteht, der sehr eigen ist und zugleich vertraut anmutet.”

Silke Eberhard: Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Jan Roder: Bass, Kay Lübke: Drums. Intakt CD 280 / 2017



just back from a great week at the Sydney international women´s jazz festival – together with the with the Sydney women’s jazz collective we performed my new compositions for Tentett + 1. Also played in a quintet with Sandy Evans, Andrea Keller, James Waples and Stephen Elphick.

new Trio CD on INTAKT Records

SILKE EBERHARD TRIO w Jan Roder and Kay Lübke. THE BEING INN, release in June on INTAKT RECORDS,
I am happy to announce that my new trio album will be released this June on INTAKT Records. It´s the trio´s third album, and it is also the celebration of 10 years of the Ensemble.
“Eberhard and company make conceptual leap on the album, with many of the pieces tied to the titular concept – an imaginary inn the saxophonist pictured as she composed numerous tunes.” (Peter Margasak from the liner notes)

LIVE : please keep an eye on the live-page, where you´ll find all our concerts. Some more shows shortly will be announced.


Back in Berlin after a great week at Elastic Arts in Chicago as artist in residence as part of the Exposure series. Played improvised sets with the incredible Jim Baker, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Dave Rempis, Kent Kessler, Mike Reed. Also performed new composed and newly arranged music for the octet w Macie Stewart, Katherine Young, Josh Berman, Jason Stein, Paul Giallorenzo, Jason Roebke, Phil Sudderberg. Thanks so much everyone for your great musician and friendship!! Thank you Goethe Institut Chicago!! Workshop on free improvisation was totally fun, too. As well as the interview at Radio WNUR. You play the right music. Heard great concerts of Hamid Drake, Jason Adasiewcz, Josh Abrams at Constellation and happening organ quartet of Ted Sirota at the green mill. And the tuesday night jamsession at the Hungry Brain with master of ceremony Greg Ward. Fun hangs and conversations. And not to forget this amazing hallway at Elastic. You wouldn´t believe it really exists. Love, x Silke
Foto by Matt Piet

Spring Tour 2017

Silke Eberhard Trio on tour:
13 Berlin, B-flat
14 München, Jazz+ @Seidlvilla
15 Wuppertal, Peter Kowald Ort
16 Karlsruhe, Jazzclub
17 Schorndorf, Manufaktur
18 Nürnberg, Jazzstudio
26 Münster, Black Box
24 Bernbeuren, Nigglmühle

FOTO: Rüdiger Kusserow


out now on Leo Records

„Of the many ways in which this record honors Mingus, it’s really its spirit of inventiveness that stands out the most. A terrific accomplishment, and a strong contender for one of 2016’s best releases.“
All about Jazz, NYC, by Troy Dostert (9/2016)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

„Mingus looms all too large in progressive jazz of the last century to ever be forgotten. He’s too enigmatic a figure to replicate. To varying degrees, such diverse figures (…) have attempted to fit into his shoes. This German double-horn trio stands up with the best of them.“
DownBeat Magazin, NYC, by Kurt Gottschalk (9/2016)
★ ★ ★ ★

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Silke Eberhard Potsa Lotsa Plus

New CD ‘POTSA LOTSA PLUS plays LOVE SUITE by Eric Dolphy’ just released

JW 147

on (Street Release November 2014)

“When you hear music, after it is over, it is gone in the air; you can never capture it again.”

 This quote from Eric Dolphy, which was documented on one of his last recordings in early summer 1964, belongs to the classical repertoire of music commentaries on jazz. A short time earlier, Dolphy – following his famously notorious tour with the Charles Mingus Jazz Workshop ‑ had taken an apartment in Paris. He was planning to marry his fiancée, the dancer Joyce Mordecai, there in July. They had met back in Los Angeles, but she had already chosen a life in exile in Europe as a way to better realise her own art.

Now, fifty years after Dolphy’s tragic collapse during an opening concert in a Berlin club, Silke Eberhard, a musician who has chosen to make Berlin her home, recorded the Love Suite with Potsa Lotsa Plus in a studio of Radio Berlin Brandenburg (rbb). The live premiere of the suite took place in Berlin that same year at the jazz festival’s 50th anniversary. This was preceded, however by an evocative discovery and a period of intense preoccupation with Eric Dolphy’s music.

(… )

With Potsa Lotsa and Potsa Lotsa Plus, Silke Eberhard has made a substantial and fascinating jazz contribution that now allows the sombre relationship between Berlin and Eric Dolphy to shine under a softer light.

Thomas Fitterling (Linernotes)