Silke Eberhard – Alex Huber

„For those who have a close relationship to the freely improvised music in Europe. This duoplata should be a must.“ (Jan Granile, Jazznytt NOR)

„Singing and playing and dancing …. only to be enjoyed!“ (stef, free-jazz blog NL)

„And it was not a cliché gambit to state it in this case. What they played was new—really new—and original. A fascinating performance that rendered the periphery as the festival’s center.“ (Henning Bolte,

Silke Eberhard & Alex Huber

duo alex Foto by Oli Potratz

NEW DUO PROJECT !! altosax & drums

recent Performance: Jazzfestival Willisau 2011, Jazzfest Berlin 2012

article Jazzfest Berlin by Henning Bolte, Allaboutjazz, Nov. 2013

NEW CD Mai 2012 on NotTwo Records

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